Greece is a modern European country, with a strong democratic government, and a developing economy. Much of the population of Greece is concentrated in a few major urban areas, with Athens hosting about one third of the country's population. The terrain of the mainland of Greece is mostly mountainous while its seas are sprinkled with more than 2000 islands. Historically, such terrain has induced the relative isolation and independence of its various population groups.
yes 9 DAYS "Amazing Aegean Sea" ~ GREECE  9 天 “情 迷 蓝 色 爱 琴 海”~ 希 腊
*ATHENS *DELPHI *KALAMBAKA   *雅 典 *特 尔 斐 *喀 兰 巴 卡
*ATHENS (2N) *MYKONOS (2N) + SANTORINI (2N)  *雅 典(2晚)*米 克 诺 斯岛(2晚)+ 圣 托 里 尼 岛(2晚)
*UNESCO World Heritage List ~ Meteora monasteries   *UNESCO 世 界 文 化 遗 产 ~ 梅 提 欧 拉 修 道 院
*Santorini (Fira Town - Cable Car Ride) / Wine Tasting  *圣 托 里 尼 岛(城 镇 费 拉 Fira~缆 车)/ 酿 酒 厂 及 品 酒
DATE: 7/4, 23/4, 7/5, 23/5, 26/5, 12/9, 10/10, 24/10
Acropolis   Archaeological site of Delphi   Fira Town (cable car ride)   Crete Herakleion
Fira Town   Meteora monasteries   Mykonos Island   Santorini Island


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